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ENG254Y- Sept 27th. Ceremony

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Cheryl Suzack

th Thursday, Sept 27 , 2012 ENG254Y-Ceremony  The landscape is part of the community consciences  When the land dies, the people die- a harsh view  Silko has a diff idea than Momaday, in terms of colonization, community, etc…  It’s always indigenous people that are always taken from  The land as the key targeting point, the community, family structure and kinship, the ceremonies, and the world. All of these forces are intersecting.  The proximity of the land brings the proximity of the community  When Tayo passes into the spirit world, he sees the land manifested in ceremony  He leaves everyday ordinary consciences  Stepping in to the spirit world is like a temptation  There is only a sense of harmony and balance because of the spiritual world in “Ceremony”.  Silko is wide ranging author who talks about lots of issues in how to give back to community and people.  She has 2 interviews – look it up on YouTube  her ideas have relevance for us in terms of our connection to the environment – acts of pollution- she cares about this issue  mount Taylor is well known in New Mexico- a sacred sight to indigenous communities  the land is a sight for political activism b/c it’s trying to be reclaimed by indigenous communities KEY THEMES- ON BLACKBOARD  a.) it’s crucial that Tayo comes back to tell the stories, his suffering is not understood by the community  b.) oral tradition is so crucial to keep the ceremonies alive  c.) his mythic property  d.)as a mixed blood means that he’s mixed indigeneity- the broad term is native – his mixed blood is an important concept- mixed blood gives him the properties to heal the communities, he knows how to take the journey and renew the community.  Even without white people there was still witchery – there is always evil—the witches get together and want to decide who is the strongest witch- this was a contest in darkness?- these are being that are beyond our consciences. The witches are all indigenous.  Th
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