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ENG254-Oct 9th 2012. Tracks

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Cheryl Suzack

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th Oct 9 2012 ENG254- Tracks Key themes- 1. Novel catches the form and purpose of the storytelling 2. Nanapush includes the context of the Chippewa myth and legend 3. Story preserves cultural traditions in a voice that also creates traditions anew- it provides a voice of how tradition can change to responds to community crisis. Not everyone can face fear, loneliness or how to recover- Pauline is an insight to domestic and sexual relations. 4. Novel explores the dichotomy b/w morality and writing to connect culture and land 5. Narrator provides a poetic voice and historical witness to human events- storytelling can bring to a view that we are not witnessed to. 6. Story affirms storytelling as living history- it does not have to be documented to give us history. One of the most important interventions. The question is- why did Lulu’s mother sent her to the residential school. Lulu can’t take place in society or community without knowing/ understanding why she was sent to the school- Nanapush know the destruction she brings- he must reconcile lulu, unlike what he did with Pauline. Lulu’s reconciliation with the community is heroic in Nanapush, but he failed with Pauline. Key interventions 1. Setting – the allotment era: important era- oral storytelling can give an insight to a character. Christianity affects te community but the Chippewa myths, legends and traditions are still present. 2. Narrative point of view 3. Layering of history with individual acts of intervention—how to read for decolonization  It seems that everything has turned against them- nature, Gov., land, community and
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