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Drama Tragedy - Bent.odt

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Marjorie Rubright

July 9, 2012 Drama: Tragedy Play: Bent ➢ Background of the play  *Freud, Einstein; Frankfurt School;Avant GardeArt  Weimar Republic (1915-1933_  Weimar Culture – Weimer Belin  1920s - Laws against homosexuality  But in Germany, thanks to the work of Magmus Hirschfield, there was a progressive gay movement  Germany (100 yrs ago) had a very progressive constitution that vanished instantly due to economic reasons  Economic situation changed peoples minds' politically  People were scared and vulnerable when Hitler came in to power and turned everything into dictatorship  People other than Jews were killed  Gypsies, communists, etc., gays  Pink star was used as a symbol that categorized gay men  Storm troppers as a sort of Nazi movement – early part of Nazi gov't in the early 1930s  Ernst Roh, was on Hitler's side, helping turn in homosexuals but he himself was gay so Hitler turned on him ➢ Play: Bent  Introduced to Rudy & Max; they have a relationship but it's not a monogomous one  The opening of the play is sort of set up like a Shakespearean tragedy  When you have comic scenes, they're more like tragic intensifiers rather than tragic relief  This play open s with a comic scene that is similar to other comic scenes in comedies
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