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Shakespeare Lecture 2 ➢ Shakespeare was first recognized as a poet rather than as a dramatist ➢ 1594 – His first play TitusAndronicus ➢ 2 lenghty poems:  Venus &Adonis  Goddess seduces Adonis who has little interest in sex  Lucrece  formerly known as Ravishment of Lucrece  When poem was printed it read “Lucrece” but the running titles read “Rape of Lucrece”  Big difference between the two titles ➢ Folios  Shakespeares complete works (big book compilation – folded in half?)  Costs more than a quarto ➢ Quarto: folded twice, very small ➢ Dedication is sometimes called a paratext ➢ Genette:All the texts that surround the main text (side notes, indexes, dedication) – a.k.a paratext. ➢ TheArguement: Provides a historical context for the poem but also tells the entire story in miniature. Provides the beginning and ending. Why do this?  If the story is already well known, then reader is more interested in how well one re-tells it.  It's all about re-working existing narratives. ➢ Tarquin  is not only a man who rapes a woman but he's also a king who's violated laws and oppressed his people  Tyrannical behaviour: oppression of pple, murder or his father, siege ofArdea  political disruption & sexual violation ➢ H
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