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University of Toronto St. George
Marjorie Rubright

Feb 8, 2010 Shakespeare in Context II ➢ Explores the intersection of colonial expansion , race? Antony and Cleopatra: Key ➢ Aforeign queen who is a symbol of sexual seductivity in Concepts some cultures. Sexual passion also expresses and sabotages emperial ambition ➢ 1606-07 ➢ In this play Shakespeare draws together a wide history and geography about women relating to power. Cleopatra is only ➢ How does sexual passion one of 3 women, featured in Shakespeare's titles and she is express (and sabotage) the only one who has a greater role in the dramatic action imperial ambition? than the male? ➢ Cleopatra in History ➢ Ptolemiac – (Ptolemaic  We knoe that the historical Cleopatra was of Greek dynasty) 305 BC-30BC descent.  This is yet another play where Shakespeare dramatizes the hinge of one empiral (this is the fall and death of ➢ Source Text: Plutarch, Cleapotra, making Egypt a Roman colony) Lives of the Noble  Why is Shakespeare turning is attention to Rome, Egypt, Grecians and Romans Venice?  Asense that England is the inheritor of Roman history. ➢ Leo Africanus History and  In one way, the English see the Roman History as part of Description of Africa (trans English by John their history. Pory 1600)  Ptolomies name themselves as successors to the pharoahs.  We see this in Shakespeare's portrait of Cleopatra, it is ➢ “Egyptian” -- category not her Greek roots, but her Egyptian identity that comes confusion through, in others' descriptions as her. ➢ How does this play create  She's described as having blue veins or of being tawny. So the colour of Cleopatra doesn't appear to be a problem a dichotomy btwn Rome in the play. In these contradictions lies a history of & Egypt (West and East) Cleapatra as being both Egyptian and Greek. In Shakespeare's play she can be both. She is described as ➢ Tragic hero: psychomachia Egypt byAntony, and she even describes herself as being ➢ Revisions Egyptian.  But in this period, Egypt is also identified as Turkish.... ➢ March 15 – Extra Credit  Duedate ➢ LeoAfricanus ➢ March 22- Response 3 Due  Text Translated into English provides history and geography ofAfrica. ➢ Office Hours Monday 1-3  In this text, according to LeoAfricanus, Egypt was now (H320) void of any true of any real Egyptians. Because the majority of the population have mingled themselves from Moores, andArabs.
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