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Shakespeare March 8.odt

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Marjorie Rubright

Monday March 8, 2010 Shakespeare Lecture • In Shakespeare dictionary, find 2 words that have interested you...and go to External Links & Resources (Shakespeare Searched) and look them up. Does the term throughout the play, mean the same thing or does it start to change throughout the play? • Which character is the one who says the word the most? • End of Henry V (set in Medieval England) • Henry later calls ceremony a wrench • *The battle – what rhetorical strategies did he use to motivate his men (not the governor)? • Act 3.4 • Issues of lineage (the past) – they must prove their place in the present by honouring the past • Call up the animal nature (imitate the actions of a tiger) • Act the part – fake it till u make it • Doing this for England (proto-nationalism/loyalty to kingdom) • Reorganization of social rank (their actions can demonstrate their rank, instead of their birth) • “Be a man!” - So a guy who doesn't rouse up to battle has just been disowned by his family, he becomes a liar to his mother. • St Crispen's Day Speech (Act 4.3: 18) • Foul papers: Dot jot notes on how Henry works on the imagination of his men to rouse them to this battle? What rhetorical strategies does he use in THIS situatio
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