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Lecture 3

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Editing – Relating Images  cut  an edition transition between two separate shots achieved without optical/special effects  dissolve  one shot fades out while another fades in, with the two shots superimposed briefly (longer depending on speed of dissolve) Continuity Editing  continuity style (standardized by Hollywood, dominant mainstream style) o creating spatial and temporal coherence, smooth transitions and verisimilitude; making an extremely discontinuous production process result in a seamless effect o challenge (even paradox) of making a seamless whole out of multiple cuts; how to make multiple cuts not jarring—even “invisible” to viewers  patterns, rules, and techniques o establishing shot o master shot o 180 degree rule  180 degree line or axis of action o shot/reverse shot o point-of-view shot (subjective shot) Soviet Montage  refers to pioneering editing as it was practiced by Russian filmmakers working and experimenting with cinema in the wake of the 1917 Soviet Revolution; a style that emphasizes the breaks and contrasts between images joined by a cut, following Soviet silent-era filmmakers’ use of the term; sometimes referred to as “dialectical editing”, “disjunctive editing”, or “intellectual montage” o state-sponsored filmm
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