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Lecture 4

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A Maurice

Mise-en-scène  French for “put into the scene”: everything in front of the camera  includes all elements cinema shares with theatre o props, sets, costumes, lighting, actors o closely connected with sense of “realism” and verisimilitude; establishes place and time Lighting  three point lighting o key light, back light, fill light o low-key lighting; creates strong contrast between light and dark areas of shot; accentuates shadows o expressionism Focus  focal length: distance from center of the lens to the point at which the light rays meet in sharp focus; determines the perspective relations of the space represented on the flat screen  telephoto lens: lens with focal length of at least 75mm; capable of magnifying and flattering distant objects  wide angle lens: lens with a short focal length (typically less than 35mm)  depth of field: the range or distance before and behind the main focus of a shot within which objects remain relatively sharp and clear  rack or pull focus: a dramatic change in focus from one object to another Citizen Kane  Deep Focus & Long Take  deep focus: focus in which multiple planes in the shot, close and distant, are all in focus simultaneously; usually achieved with a wide-angle lens and narrow aperture  long take: a shot of relatively long duration  when Welles made Citizen Kane (1941), this was not the typical style in Hollywood films Realism and Citizen Kane  Andre Bazin: French critic who preferred shooting in depth and long takes (as opposed to the shallow focus and multiple edits more typical to Hollywood cont
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