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Lecture 5

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A Maurice

Term Test Info  no screening next week  test will be in first hour of lecture  films will be referenced on test, but mostly discussed in lectures  there may be a short answer question, but no essay question Diegetic vs. Non-Diegetic Sound  diegetic sound  sound that has its source in the narrative world of the film  non-diegetic sound  sound that does not have an identifiable source in the characters’ world Other Terms  optical soundtrack  sound converted to electrical impulses, recorded alongside the image track for simultaneous projection  digital sound techniques  provide a much greater range, layers of sound; films accompanied with digital disc for playback Synchronous Sound  sound that is recorded during a scene or that is synchronized with the filmed images (such as dialogue in sync with moving lips)  earliest experiment: Edison, 1895  first ―Talking Picture‖: The Jazz Singer, 1927 Voice  voiceover  overlapping dialogue  sound perspective  the apparent location and distance of a sound source  tendency in mainstream film to prioritize dialogue in the sound mix; always sounds ―close‖  synchronization  the visible coordination of the voice with the body from which it is emanating—anchors seamless illusion of reality that Hollywood films strive for  sound important element of our understanding of realism  extremely important relationship between sound and space; helps to define a space  on-screen and off-screen sound  sound continuity  strives for the unification of film meaning and experience by subordinating sound
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