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ENG205- MAY 14  Sophits texts: means wisdom. Has come to mean over the years as “bullshitter”  Ancient greek poetry such as the Illiad, its fairly clear that the virture of eloquence has always been a part of Greek culture o You were expected to weild words just as powerfully as weapons  The sophist would travel from town to town and teach people how to prove their cases. Was teaching people how to argue their own points of view.  CORAX: means crow; man got this nickname because you can teach crows how to talk. Was mostly repetition  They were probably of the aristocracy in some way  They were probably almost all men o Thats because with the exception of Sparta, most women did not have a public voice  They were literate but that does not necessarily mean that their audience was literate. ENCONIUM OF HELEN  is one of few complete texts we have and we know who wrote it: Gorgias  Who is Helen? This is Helen of Troy. This is one of the most important characters in Greek mythology. o She was kidnapped by the Trojans and this is the story of the unity of the Greeks to have revenge on the Trojans and bring back Helen  Enconium is a speech in praise of someone so the Enconium of Helen is the praise of Helen  Exordium: the introduction-you try to get the audience on a side. o To make your first impression well, to become someone the audience wants to listen to.  His aim is to tell his audience that they have the same views. Hes asking the audience to identify with him  He’s saying that since we share the same values, then we should agree that we should not refute Helen
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