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ENG 205- May 30 Christine De Piza  Begins asking the question why aren’t more written by women?  She is trying to construct a female identity p.544  Common argument is that woman don’t get taught the same thing as men because then they become above others  First precedent: Ortencious – he taught his daughter all of his art so that she could be just as talented   She believed that there was no way for women to expand into the public sphere so shes trying to explain how women can use the liberal arts to affect policy without affecting the rest of the world  Second precedent: Novella- a daughter named Novella who was educated in law just like her father and would sometimes be his TA while he taught o She always had a curtain drawn in front of her so that her beauty wasn’t a distraction o A very common argument against women  This shows that there is something inbetween the domestic sphere and the public sphere  Christine is attempting to figure out what situations that it has been in the past that they have been given roles of the male o By reaching into the past, she is showing that it is something traditional o Not revolutionary but modest redefinition  She also discusses how aristocratic women should conduct themselves  One common weapon that women had was gossip because reputations were very important  P.547- talking about war- she says that it is her job to talk men out of going to war  She was one of very few rhetoricians not in the traditional sense but to write about politics etc., in the west. Francis Willard  Leader of the temperance movement o First
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