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University of Toronto St. George
C Scoville

ENG205- JUNE 6 The final exam will be very similar to last years exam. It has two sections, the first part will be identifiers having to do with what we read. We will have to read and summarize central points of what we’ve read. It is to show we’ve gotten the point of what we’ve read. The second part is an essay, pick one out of a bunch and it’s suppose to make you compare and contrast of what we’ve read. Nietzche  It was an early piece he wrote and he didn’t really bother to finish and publish it. It wasn’t discovered until after his death  He was one of the great german philosophers  He was suppose to follow in his father’s footsteps but lost interest  His most aphorism is “God is dead.” o He did not mean that god was an entity that got old and died. He meant something more complicated than that. He didn’t mean that religious is obsolete either. It was more about interaction. o We are always interacting with each other in some way about different things.  He was comfortable with the idea that different things happen in different places  There are different kinds of forces that we accept in order to use or accept legitimate authority The introduction (we didn’t need to read it )
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