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C Scoville

Eng 205-June 11 TOLMEN  Had this way of looking at modern civilization  He argues in one of his books that modern society can be seen as a project  He wants to argue that people with everyday problems are being rational o It is a flaw in our model of thought  He writes “the arguments” in 1958, no one noticed it and a few years later, he gets invitations to speak at universities that he never heard of before. Americans are reading the uses of arguments and they’re teaching it to their students. He was not asked to speak in the philosophy departments but in the communication departments that were teaching rhetoric  He’s important to our field because of a diagram he makes up, is his major contribution to the field since Aristotle. o It has a lot of parts and premises  The warrant is the most crucial part. It is the bridge that holds everything together o That Tolmen argues is that when we argue, we reason like his diagram. We don’t do this consciously but it’s the way we work. o Ex. We are getting ready for our exams, and a friend is fairly confident he will do well. His confidence irritates you so you ask him how he knows that and his reasoning is that he studied really hard. Are we really satisfied with that answer? o It’s more complex because it has more parts. It’s grounded in a way that enthymeme is not  He is arguing th
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