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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto St. George
Daniel Harney

Lecture 4 May-23-13 2:09 PM Lecture 4 Different levels of analysis approaches: - Global: (broad issues/structure/ macroscale) ○ e.g. reverse paragraphs one and two ○ Signal the shift to ethnography clearer ○ Rethinking logic of sections/ paragraphs - Local: (narrow / microscale) ○ e.g. "voodoo"/ voudun ○ Word choice for example ○ Correcting grammar Final: - There will be an advertisement to analyze - Chapter 9 in textbook Louis Menand article: "Live and Learn: Why we have college" - Circular argument, "book ends" - Brings back to initial argument - Writer's goal = to make the reader smarter than their were, since the beginning of the reading ○ How can you make your reader smarter? Bring in some ideas, something that adds to the conversation - Different problems were brought up - Relevant and relatable to college students - Uses "I", but in a non-personal way - Menand gives 3 theories of education:  Meritocratic theory (university should be to filter for the best/ aristocratic view)  Democratic theory (university should be for as many people as possible)  Utilitarian theory (university allows you be successful later in life, able to earn a lot of money…) - We need a little bit of each (blend of all theories) - Culturally literate to understand some terms ○ Pg3 - academic tulip mania (1600) when Holland, Dutch paying a lot for tulips coming from China, marxist exchange value ○ Business term ○ Connection between business and culture Note: - "I" is OK to use in these cases: - I wil
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