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Lecture 5

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Daniel Harney

Lecture 5 May-28-13 2:13 PM Audio Rec... TIPS FOR FINAL EXAM: - "is this article effective/ineffective?" - Means does the author persuade you? Does the various elements of rhetoric effectively Look for/CRITICAL ISSUES -tone -responding critically to a apply the initial 7 elements in Break an article down quickly: -the intended audience critical article: your own writi\ng -structure (is the article effective? Does it -use of evidence achieve its goals?) -assumption or biases of author (left-wing = liberal, right-wing = conservative/traditional) -what were the sources (what kinds of evidence) -what's at stake? - -is there an oversight (do they overlook something) Is there a space for me, as the critic, that lacks nuance (different shades of meaning)? -can you come up with a clever counter-interpretation? - word choice../ diction (inclusion and exclusion) - Given a very long/big article (one part of the exam) ○ Read it, understand it QUICK! No time. ○ Analysis ○ Quickly come up with a critical response to it Chapter 5 in it Practice exam: 25 minutes Structure: - Paragraph 1: intro + thesis (effective OR ineffective? Does the author achieve their goal in persuading you?) + why? (1 or 2 reasons) - Paragraph 2: one elements of the article - Paragraph 3: second element of the article - Paragraph 4: concluding comments (any counter-intuitive insights/ new ways) 'ad hominem" phrase - personal attack on the writer - Its not right to attack the moralities and values of the writer, attack the point of the article instead Lecture 5 Article: "The Ford Brothers and the Complicated Politics of Class" - Everyone is biased, and all things are biased, because everyone has their own opinions.. - But you can agree or disagree with someone according t
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