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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George
Daniel Harney

Lecture 6 May-30-13 2:14 PM *there will be an advertisement to analyze on the Final Lecture 6 What is Reverse Outlining? - Tool for structuring - Instead of having points putting it into paragraphs, we have paragraphs and put them into points - Number the paragraphs (these are the topics) - Purposes /uses for this strategy ○ Helps you understand an article you've never seen before ○ You written something, and you want to make sure it is logical - by collapsing into points, allows you to see this clearly ○ When doing reverse outlining, you may notice 2 topics are in diff paragraphs - and could be edited into one to be more organized - Take each of the paragraph and summarize into a sentence, find related topics - Don't be too specific: meaning don't quote anything *Use this strategy to read / understand the article on the exam For example: Article: "The Ford Brothers and the Complicated Politics of Class" 1) Questions seriousness of drug use 2) Tackiness/ lack of style 3) The ford's wealth 4) …. Example of reverse outline: Article "Why Canada doesn't need an ego boost from the UN" 1) United Nations Human Development Index dominance as global leader 2) Norway beating Canada 3) Disappointing results and blow to national
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