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Lecture 7

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Daniel Harney

Lecture 7 June-04-13 2:12 PM Lecture 7 - Check Blackboard tonight for research papers instructions - Bring 3 copies for peer editing in class - Next Tuesday: ○ Intro paragraph for research paper ○ A body paragraph if you want ○ Detailed outline of arguments /essay ○ 2 pages max - Final paper = 7 pages due last day of class Final exam: - Part 1 - Grammar ○ Sentences to be fixed - Part 2 - LONG Essay ○ Read and write analysis on if it is effective or not - Part 3 - analyze advertisement ○ What is it trying to accomplish and is it effective? Research - New discoveries - Taking facts already known and synthesizing into new ways - Primary source ○ Newspaper report (non-scholarly) ○ Literary text ○ Original research article (scholarly) - Secondary sources ** = gate keepers ○ Critical interpretations of the primary sources ○ e.g. scholarly sources found on uoft library site - Tertiary sources ○ Wikipedia, sparknotes.. ○ Aggregators (bring bits and pieces together) ○ Unreliable For next class - bring in a scholarly article (found on uoft l
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