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Lecture 8

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Daniel Harney

Lecture 8 June-06-13 2:04 PM Lecture 8 Research Paper - Structure (2 parts) ○ Analysis of the advertisement - - effectiveness: Is it effective? Ineffective? (Primary quotations/sources) - Primary source = advertisement itself - Primary quotation = what the actor says or what was said in the advertisement itself ○ How secondary sources (critiques of the company) alter your understanding of the advertisement? (obscure the reality…..) - Analysis of the advertisement with outside sources - Integrate quotations from the secxondary sources - Integrating Quotations / Managing Sources (4 ways) ○ Neutral summary (early in the paper & rarely) - e.g. She explains that "conspiracy theories aren't only believed by the naïve." - Ineffective way to use quotations - Bottom of pg426: has list of verbs - some that is neutral for summarizing quotations - Some common verbs: □ Explains, illustrates, points out, states, expresses, □ These are statements "flat", and is not strong for analysis ○ Support a position we agree with - Pg.426: emphasizes, proves, s/he rightly / correctly notes.., s/he insightfully argues, ○ Disagree with a position - Wrongly / erroneously / mistakenly claims - Problematically argues / assumes / generalizes ○ As statements we want to nuance - Nuance: □ e.g. "Although X is correct in arguing Y, she overlooks…." □ e.g. "While he acknowledges y …." □ e.g. She points out that "conspiracy theories aren't only believed by the naïve," she needs to distinguish between x and y. Intro ramp "Quote." Analyze See Textbook: p426-427 Avoid: - Words like: "clearly" and "obviously" - It may not be agreed by reader - Do not start a paragraph or sentence with a quote! - it must be set up - A quote needs a runway or a ramp to contextualize it How to know if opinion: - Advocacy for a certain topic = opinion - Selective facts … when we create arguments / have opinions - Can you imagine the opposite? ○ Such as a fact claims that a company is good - can you image it being bad? Textbook p 427 Exercise: - …..,Appositive phrase,… ○ e.g. 1) Gilles Paquet, the professor of Emerititus, says that multiculturalism encourages people to stand apart. - Restrictive phrase: (no commas) ○ e.g. 2) Long-time Vancourver resident and university student John Smith ……. ○ John smith is crucial to the meaning of the sentence, thus not set apart by commas As long as you maintain the meaning / context of the quote, you can do whatever you like with it: - e.g. Smith, who is interested in city walking, suggests that walking "[…] supports the notion that such [ethnic] enclaves are not static and separate." - Make sure the quote flows with you
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