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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Daniel Harney

Lecture 10 June-13-13 2:18 PM Research Paper: - Attach via email by 5pm - Citation format - MLA (or whatever format you are familiar with) - Have a creative title ○ Here you tell the reader what your article is about and what your position is - Opening sentence: ○ Goal is to entice reader ○ Rhetorical question… (don't ask "you") ○ Something to open up debate Quote a statistic ○ - Thesis: ○ Debatable sentence/statement - Topic Sentence ○ What the entire paragraph is about For analysis: - Don't use the word "interesting" - Get to the analysis and don't spend too much time on intro or summary - The "Swimming and the Fear Factor" missed a lot of pathos ○ Passionate and pathos = MEMORABLE ○ Its not enough just to have one of - ethos/pathos/logos ○ Must have a balance or mix ○ Blend is more persuasive - the point of rhetoric Article: "Swimming and the Fear Factor" - First 4 paragraphs = anecdote/ story = subjective = bias? - Anecdote intros = good hook and great way to get reader to relate to the issue firsthand - Thesis = opinion (debatable topic) - argues safety - Adding nuance adds texture - adds exercise - The part where race and history in page 2 … seems irrelevant - Paragraph on Cullen Jones = random… not connected to anything? ○ "non-sequitur" = another word for 'random' - Poor structure - Audience = parents For exam - bring pencils! Write neatly! Tuesday, June 18 last class, Exam review!! - Textbook read pg.59-61 Hyphens: - If adjective = use hyphen ○ e.g. "….. Long-term job" - If object or noun = never use hyphen ○ e.g. "job is long term" FINAL EXAM details: - Lecture 10 On exam: will be asked to identify the problem in the sentence, and fix it. - How to fix:  Get rid of the problem punctuation  Add "and"  Separate into two diff sentences Review chapters: - Chapter 44: Parallelism Lectures Page 1 - Chapter 44: Parallelism ○ Parallel sentences "sounds good" / "flows well" ○ e.g. (p819) - "The development plan included apartment buildings, single-family dwellings, a park, and two new schools. ○ When writing out a list - make sure each item in the list, are grammatically parallel  If begin with a verb - all must be verbs ○ e.g. (p821) - "The job requires initiative and leading others" -> "the job requires initiative and leadership" ○ (p823) - #6) Women impressionist painters included Mary Cassatt from the United States and
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