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ENG254Y- Yellow Raft in Blue Water Christianity and the bildungsroman

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Cheryl Suzack

th Nov 8 2012 ENG254Y- Yellow Raft in Blue Water Christianity and the bildungsroman  Christianity is a source to hypocrisy  Christianity matters and an important national identity  Christine has not made peace with her own spiritual self  Rayona comes out of a consciousness, and Rayona is an embodiment of spiritual light.  In the reunion b/w Rayon, Christine and Dayton form a new family unite  Tribal spirituality is a community consciousness. Trial identity is a positive sign of community  Native Americans have an affinity with African American people. – Rayona thus tends to be glossed over and ignored.  This applies racial synthesis  The real failure is Christine  Rayona- story is a coming of age story. A new vision of the bildungsroman. She stands out with very difference. The incredible capacity of being exploited. F- Tom knew how to take advantage of her venerability. She is venerable because she lacks parental figure. Pg. 61-62. Just after the episode on the raft. F-Tom is relieved that she wants to leave the community. She does not have the capacity to threaten.  She hide herself from the vision she MAY have happened not actually the sexual assault upon her  They then have to sit for hours and hours on end for the train. Her consciousness tells us- when he gives her the necklace shows that his faith is phoney. He gives to her the phoney tourist medallion. By giving her the medallion, will give him a lack of protection. It’s a metaphor for. She thinks he will give her a momentum of their relationship and what happened to her.  He gives it to her to show others that she is an Indian. It’s not valuable and it’s a terrible way of telling her that she is not a real Indian- she is phoney. To hand her the ketch instead, is the terrible insult implied. Not only did her sexually taken advantage of her, but gave her the complete dismissal of identity.  Her venerability is the lack of parents to guide her and her own comprehension of herself and the figures that are important to her.  She is confused about Ida’s conception of her and she believes that she is unworthy. She is not a person of figure that people will care about. Theses qualities lead to her character flaws.  The question comes to how well she knows herself. She cannot decipher the diff b/w reality and imagination?  What makes F-Tom as such a terrifying figure is that he constantly disguises himself. This doesn’t make him seem dangerous, but he is and that is the terrifying part  Pg
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