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ENG301 Book 2 Part 1

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David Galbraith

Faerie Queene Book 2 212012 51400 PM y Temperance personal virtue y Justice social virtue y Fairylandambiguous place external and internal existence simultaneously physical and mental y Proem to book 2 different from book 1y ElizabethVirginia Virgin Queen Cynthiagoddess of the moon fairy land as mirror for Elizabeth natural y Allegory conceal and reveal powerful veiled and masked y Cunning ArchitectArchimago back in Book 1 but Book 1magician but architecterecting structuresy Elfen born knightdifferent from Redcrossey Guyon accepts Duessas story against Redcrosse y Stops fighting after realizing cross on his shield Christian y Become friendsharmonious virtues coexist and not oppose each othery Palmerfrom pilgrim palm branch badge been on pilgrimagey Relationship of temperance and Christianityy Implying direction of narrative structure to knighthood set goal y Amavia pitiful spectacle bleeding heart dead knight Mordant baby y Arcasia bad mixture lure him to Bower of Bliss turn men into beasts but Mordant free so poison him in revenge y Significance of water throughout the book y Knight seduced to abandon mission y Mars and Venus warrior disarmed from goddess of love y Blood stained babyidea of staining reproduction of sin sin of parents bears consequences of parents broader original sin that cant be washedy Not made explicit y Moving into book with Christian framework after book 1y Medina Elissa Perissay Model of virtues Aristotle y Structure of middle way ie extreme Calvinism vsy Braggadochio and Trompart
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