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Nick Mount

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Jewish Drag Queen, Yitzhak, marries him to take him to America o He promises to never wear a wig, because “you must leave something behind” o He collapses in the middle of his celeb and becomes Tommy Gnosis  Gives wig to Yitzhak and walks off stage  In film: Tommy and Hedwig separate after his last live play- - In 1960s underground Manhattan, these places became a place for different cultures to stir - Before Hedwig was a play, it was just a bunch of jokes in a drag bar Squeezebox: Hedwig first on stage - Hedwig begins as a search for love; the search for the other half o The love is both homosexual and transsexual - Urban societies have become more open to transsexuality - Existence precedes essence; it is ALL existence, all performance o Gender is not biological; it is a cultural o Gender is not fully established until the age of 2 o Gender is not destiny; it Is just good statistical probability o Gender is something we do, not something we are Catharsis for Tommy Gnosis, a combination of fear and pity - Hedwig diving: story flies above the quarrels within the trans-sexual community - “Of our time”: she does not know how to fit in, where she belongs - November 9 , 1989: Berlin Wall up o Symbol of confinement and oppression  Also a clear marker of political identity, a physical divide of two political views, communism and democracy  Tells you what it means to belong on the either side o Where to stand, and you had to stand there o o Its unique approach to the theme of identity and how the sense -…
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