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Things Fall Apart 10/26/2012 10:10:00 AM What makes thing fall apart so different from African novels before and after it?  First novel to offer a literary form of resistance Achebe rewrote both form and content of western literature in order to provide a different kind of imaginative space for both African and non- African readers in which they could go on to discover a different political space Historically unavoidable  Can plausibly be said to have changed the way we see the world Right now, things appear to be fallen apart again for same reasons  Economic crisis  Wars in middle east  War for control or resources and minds, colonialism  Protests against all these things o Occupy wall street A novel about colonial power and about a man who kills himself because he cannot bear it any longer Things Fall Apart is about a place and a people unknown to many  Ibo is very removed from our experiences  The words in the book are even foreign Achebe says that “when I had to read the Russian novels, no one told me what words meant.”  What he learned about western literature was that the white man was courageous, strong, etc. the black man was lowly, and gross. He hated his own people (learned in his school)  He also learned that the black people were the (capital “o”) Other people (complete opposite) Born in Nigeria, grew up Christian All the stories about village life are in there partly to  Document his people’s history and culture before colonialism o It’s own customs, games, laws, religion, stories, all BEFORE white contact o “we did not h
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