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Nick Mount

To the Lighthouse No real plot, or beginning/middle/end Straying from conventions to represent reality Stream-of-consciousness prose, unbroken reality as it is in the mind, continuous flow (p 92) Narrative of first few chapters moves through the house, gives a sort of ‘tour’ of the house Narrative perspective moves, rather than the characters moving and perspective following Woolf doesn’t give introductions to characters, doesn’t pretend to be omniscient, instead gives multiple perspectives on characters, and you figure it out (reader must sort it out and make decisions for self) Art should imitate life Stream-of-consciousness not just a ‘camera rolling’, selectively depicts experiences, solid structure, more than you would think, pattern of what was included three part map of novel/chapters: one day in family, passing time, day in life of family years later Ex. pg 75 idea for painting, but also for novel, ephemeral idea on solid structure No introduction, just come in mid-conversation, miss initial question Need background, cant jump in if the backstory isn’t common knowledge Woolf uses this opening that is used in epics, thought of as male genre, not for women Epic: long narrative following a hero, who people/nation rely upon To the Lighthouse is an epic in its form, but strays from convention Criteria of epic: -start in the middle of things Illiad opens with an argument between Agamemnon and Achilles over slave girl Lighthouse opens with argument between wife/husband about taking son to lighthouse Both open with quarrel (James/Achilles speaking) -written in serious, high-literary style Epic/Homeric simile, similes that are really long Pg 45 of To the Lighthouse -setting of story is vast, the world Summer house and lighthouse are the world, characters say this on pg. 281 -involves superhuman deeds Long journey, tasks, wars ‘To the Lighthouse’ quest, reconciliation of son with father Part I = day, Part III = day, Part II =
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