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The Waste Land Notes on the lecture on 'The Waste Land' by T.S.Eliot

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Nick Mount

Third Lecture for Literature of our Time The Waste Land written in 1921The early 1920s were difficult economically and politically in England After the war employment collapses not much opportunity for jobs Much of Western Europe was in ruins because of the war By 1918 much of the countryside which had been the inspiration for many artists and poets were destroyedIn the poem there are fragments and phrases it is even named a collage by some people because it is little pieces of culture broken up and brought together all mixed up to make the poemMany different views No voice of Elliot in the poem but the voice of the crowd He did not put his opinion but other peoples various opinions He tended to write in fragments in his journals in most of his other poems as well over time in pieces Art imitates life If we are imitating a world that is alive and well the poetry you make will be more together But if the world we are imitating is broken and in ruins the poetry will seem like that as well IT is like a cubist painting but in words He uses allusions which makes the poem much longer than the actual poemThe musical CATS is based on a poem by Elliot Elliot was not into politics He was not trying to repeat tradition but reinvent it Has an impersonal theory of poetryElliot is trying to represent an inclusive human consciousnessEliot g
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