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Nick Mount

Ariel written art cannot describe physical objects completely so it acheivesby suggestion what the artist or sculptor receives by representation all we have is these details literature can do what visual art cannot show the passage of time literature is a temporal art painting and culture are spatial Balloons Literary technique 7 showing a part to represent a whole tenses change present pefect progressive to past the passage of time the ephemeral permanence of objects lyric a short non narratie poem in which the speaker expresses a state of mind a feeling or some combination of the two the lyric strives to capture a moment of perception or understandingprojecting an image from the authors head into your own its less about the progression of time than it is about trying to stop time in order to allow that moment of perception Poe is a good example aims to show us the things that we dont see because theyre right in front of us all the time Frye lyrucs poems get written because the normal progression of tiem has been blocked some normal actiivtiy that you do you cant do anymore so you write the poem so you can do it being paralused by grief to the point where you cant function you write a poem about loss in old age a poem of lost youth or love writing
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