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Victoria Wohl

Friday February 14, 2014 ENG140 Missing Children • Photo on front is of one missing child, not many like the book • Narrator says that his obsession started when he saw the collection or something • “Missing” means two things, lack of children or something Themes of the semester from first lecture • Concern with homelessness, not knowing how to feel in the world • Turn away from irony towards sincerity • Hope • Recognizing and admitting that everything ends including empires is not necessarily a bad thing, that the ending of super sad true is hopeful in it’s way (Hope) • Harder to find hope in a poem that ends in psychopath picking up a hitchhiker, doesn’t mean that hope isn’t there • Page 54: there were seven picture postcards, seven representations of the mitten o Image that he sends becomes progressively more abstract (from a mitten to idea of a mitten) o Isn’t a representation of his sister or any other child, but of the idea of loss (of children and everything they suggest i.e. innocence) and home or the lack thereof • Page 26: how it started, started finding things o He collects things and keeps them in a box o He is not the only person that collects- Pierre and Wendy • Page 9: she put down her scissors and kissed me o She collects “sad stories about the elderly” • For Crosbie and for the book, the objects seem to mean something less specific • In the quotation from Crosbie, she saw the lost objects on her street that seemed to form a
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