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Nick Mount

ENG140 Nov 22 and Nov 29Ariel by Sylvia Plath ArieloVisual art chooses a before and after and chooses one to denote what to telloPainting and sculpture cannot depict all scenes so they choose them very carefullyoDetails and order matterit makes literatureoTelling detail like artistsculpture denotes one sceneoWriting can denote time not like artist who can only show one sceneoLiterature can show passage of time and any sceneoSpecial artArt scene either before or afteroTemporal artMovement of body through timeBalloon Poem Pg 75oHouse after Christmas with balloonsoKids play with themkids pops red one at endoPoem uses selective detail to input balloon in readers mindoSays balloons are sincere pop when broken personificationoLiterary techniqueslimitationoDenotes time welluses of tensesoPoem cannot represent physical aspects entirely it chooses them carefullyoUses a little to choose a lotoSuggests magical moment for childoTime is progressoNothing to stop narrative except reader author publisheroLyric short nonlyrical poem where author reflects on important feelingsoNovel Focus on plotoLyric Poem Focus on importance of stopping timeoCant stop timeget people to focus longoShows us that what we cant see because theyre right in front of usoPoetry Know what happens next matter of factnothing can be doneMorning Song About WomenoMother awakened by childwrites experiencesoHer child like her occupies timeoUnderstanding that another life has begunoShe knows her child will grow and die like heroTraditional morning songlover begs female lover to stay and make love one moreoHang onto a momentgives it meaningoLyricmoment when time was blocked by meaningfuloFeelingget reader to stop and thinkreally see what poet wants us to seePg 21oTS Eliot cities are not realJust feel real because of the projection of emotion on themoSeems real because people of his time shared his feelingsoHe speaks not of his true feelings1
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