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Nick Mount

ENG140 Architects are Here - Missing apostrophes; didn’t put them in just because of aesthetics - I can remember the first time I saw my own experience reflected in literature. I think it was with wayne johnston’s the story of bobby o reilly. There’s a high school in it that I recognized as a high school I had been in, and it was a very powerful experience. Up until that time, I had read about the Trafalgar Square in Virgina Woolf…. I hadn’t seen my contemporary experience written down. And when it is, it makes the ground more solid underfoot. It validates existence. It also provides permission to write about your own experience. - Seeing yourself reflected in fiction - Richard’s memory was mostly related to Michael’s own life o People originally thought it was an autobiography - Michael Winter encourages the impression of thinking it is autobiographic o It can be satisfying to make art of events that happen to you or to the people around you.. Wnen someone asks me if my work is autobiographical, I say thank you, I got you, you believed me, I was convincing, I fooled the judge! o People’s impression of it coming from his own life = he is proud of it  Gabriel – same type of degree, similar age, etc as Michael  However, they are merely parallels o First person in the mouth of Gabriel; he was introduced as a character in the book by Michael Winter - Gabriel English = Michael’s alter ego - First book to start in Toronto o Firs
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