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ENG150 - Erec and Enide 2

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University of Toronto St. George
William Robins

ENG150 – EREC AND ENIDE 2 Symmetry: Another pattern - Arthur announces Custom of the White Stag o Erec encounters discourteous knight (Arthur’s realm)  Erec encounters Enide & asks for her hand in marriage o Erec encounters discourteous knight (Enide’s realm) - Conclusion of the Custom of the White Stag Conjointure/ Conjoining Conjoining of literary traditions* Form: an intricate interweaving of structural patterns Content: harmonious joining of complementary opposites (m and f in marriage) The “Three matters” of medieval narrative For any one who understands, there are only 3 matters: Of France, of Britain, and of Rome the Great; And among these three matters there is no resemblance. The tales of Britain thus are insubstantial and pleasant, Those of Rome are wise and instructive, Those of France rae true, as is every day apparent. (poem) - In Arthurian context, Tristan and Isolde is another Arthurian romance* (mentioned by Chretien) – “even more beautiful than Isolde” is Enide - Charlemain tradition – knight tradition - Comparison of characters to those of different literary traditions - Reference to Dido and Aeneas  mode of representation  tradition  Chretien uses similar literary techniques - Robe of Erec woven by fairies (Celtic tradition) o mentions Macrobius as an appeal to authority o (another literary tradition) – mode of representation - Chretien’s figures have a relative amount of depth to them, among other literature of its time, though in our eyes, they have little to no de
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