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William Robins

ENG150Y1 – LECTURE NOTES th January 7 2013 Erec and Enide – Lecture 1  Follows romantic structure discussed above  Author plays with aspects of closure  Original language is French  Today: o Cultural geography  The roman empire and the Mediterranean – AD 395 o LOOK FOR MAP o Romans called it “our sea”  THE MEDITERRANEAN IN 800 o LOOK FOR MAP o Three empires: byzantine (greek speaking/ orthodox), arab, Christian (latin speaking) o Islam spread o Empires are in contact with eachother o Seizes to be the main highway for trade (the sea)  The Christian area later became Europe  Shift of gravity  Mediterran sea no longer the centre, now the centre is the capital of EU, in Switzerland  Sea is no longer main landscape for literature, now replaced by the forest o Includes riding horses to seek adventure o Fight beasts, wizards, fairies o More like the Ramayana where the land is untamed  The western European tradition is a mixture of the classical and the biblical  With the closing of the mediteran sea, the economy takes a nose dive because there is no mode of transportation for trade  Feudalism is later the solution th  Not until the 12 century that you start to have a revival of the economy, trade routes develop, warrior classes become fixed, land is controlled and there is surplus wealth o Vernacular culture Classes of feudalism: (three estates) 1. Clerics a. Those who pray 2. Nobles a. Those who fight 3. Peasants a. Those who labour  Author of E&E is focused on the 2 estate  By the 12 century, knights become a heredity class  Rules and etiquette is established (courtliness)  Courtliness means a knight can blend courtesy with proper behaviour of the court (decordum)  France, ca 1180 (GET MAP) o Time of author of E&E  Champagne is the richest area in the 12 century  Where merchants would come all over the world  In troyes, there were fairs  One of the richest towns in early Europe  Courting providing patrons of literature  Chretien made a new vernacular form of literature  Chretien developed the genre of authurian romances; romances about king Arthur  He established two forms: o The holy grail o Lancelot and Guinevere  Adulteress relationship  = Atmosphere of magic with plot of romance in verse form  E&E is his first romance with this genre Troubadours vs Minstrels:  Emergence of poets (troubadours)  Cusp of oral traditions into written, formative one Conjointure:  The organization of potentially disparate materials into an orderly sequence  The subordination of easily multipled episodes to a principle theme or pattern  “this lovely tale of adventure / beautiffuly put together”  “mout bele conjointure”  “a story professional / poets usually ruin”  “depecier et corrumper suelent”  Are in the habit of breaking into pieces and corrupting The custom of the white stag:  Shamed culture  Honour is everything Symmetrical structure:  Custom of the stag initatated o Hunt stag in forest  Adventure of erec and the queen o Kill stag and bring it to court  Custom of the stag / deferred  Geography is imaginative  Guest/host relationship is evident as in the Hebrew bible  Hyperboles are used a lot; ex: descriptions of erec and enide; author’s style  Intertextual references; alluding to alexander the great for example  Inserting himself in things that cannot be easily described to establish a connection; example: looking at enide is like looking at yourself in a mirror  Medieval romances focus on customs o Like the hawk and white stage customs  Spectacle is part of the culture of this time; it is how knights address themselves  Reputation is important; hence erec might claim revenge against the knight and his dwarf; because he was shamed  12 century france is gendered  The idea behind this story is that man and woman can work together January 9 2013 Erec and Enide – Lecture 2  The title suggests that the author sees both erec and enide as protagonists  But this is contrary to the introduction which just focuses on erec  Shows hierarchy  But throughout the tale, enide complements erec  Focus is on the interconnection between the two  The distinction between works of male heros and those of complementary couples is a distinction of two different literary modes  Also a distinction of different literary history and culture  Culture of this time shows that some aspects of men are subservient to the wishes of women (via courting)  Alternating landscape to show sensual relationship  Story is about marriage; focuses on marriage not as an ending, but as a beginning; how they can grow into a better union; story details after they get married  E&E convey harmonious union  Harmony is important in medieval time; similar to cosmic harmony  Harmony plays in three levels: cosmic, musical, social  Concordia discourse  Conjugal relationship; they are conjoined  Conjunction is essential for author to understand his own poetic art; his own conjointure  Conjointure is poetic technique and form; but is ALSO connected t
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