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David Roberts

Lecture 8. English. The Ramayana (Lecture 2) 10-15-2012  India: Rama’s Journey  Book 3, Aranya Kanda, First part  In Chikrakurta o Asrama: Atri and Anasuya  Encounter: Viradha  Asrama: Sharabhanga (Indra; vow to defeat Rakshasas) o Asrama: Sutheekshna  In the Heart of the Forest, 10 Years o Asrama: Sutheekshna  Asrama: Agastaya (weapons; vow to defeat Rakshasas)  Encounter with Jakatu o Lakshmana Builds Their Asrama  In Pancahavti  Temptation from all of the Rishis, hermits, is what drives the story  164 ‘three sins must be avoided... avoid going into the forest’ o You must honor what you wear,  In the forest, it is a spiritual training... for something  Dharma o Slide:  Ultimate reality manifests itself as a natural order (‘rta’) of harmony, justice, and truth that suffuses the world  This truth order is things, as well as the behaviours and attitudes that maintain it (duty, vocation, religious observances), are known as ‘dharma’  One’s own Dharma varies according to one’s place in a well-regulated society (male/female;warrior/priest/merchant/etc) and the time of one’s life.  Behaviours that run contrary to this cosmic order are called ‘adharma’ the opposite of Dharma o Similar to destiny. But Dharma is more of a sense of obligations and how your actions contribute to it, where destiny is something that will happen. Dharma is more of a moral obligation, a choice. It’s optional  Good vs. Evil o Not really how it’s working in the Ramayana o Ravana is comparable to Darth Vader  He went wrong because he let power go to his head  His lust for power and women, he failed in his need to follow Dharma  Became a
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