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Virgil's Aeneid 4

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David Roberts

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Aeneid (lecture 4)  “Axial Age” o Ethics: apprehending one’s life in light of abstract ideas o Universality: Essential values of life are universalized, the truth of the world o Interiority: within oneself a secure basis for judging and acting ethically o Tension between norms of society and the call of the divine  Pythagoras o 6 Century BCE o “transmigration of souls”  Rebirth, transferring of souls once the human body is dead, Greek reincarnation  When Romans picked up the transmigration of souls, they transformed it in certain ways o Romans place in the afterword (elysian fields) was graded on their contribution to the community and world, for those who were most involved in the running of the world, those who have conquered their passions and governed well.  Such as Dharma: but the absolute goal for dharma is to achieve moksha, to escape the wheel of rebirth  Achieved through priest type people creating a separation of the world o Page 183” the elysian fold... great benefactors. o 185 “must we imagine father... daylight so? o Virgil Creates this idea  He twists the philosophy to create poetic potential, create a plot for Aeneas to view the underworld  What Ending? : Ending of the Poem is twofold o Venus to Jupiter in book 1: “What finish to their troubles will you give?” o “To the victors belongs epic, with its linear teleology”  Teleology- An account of events based upon how they end  Dynamic between memory and _______  Freud o (his idea in Beyond the Pleasure Principle) His previous theory was wrong: Everything was based on desire o Only when mastered can identity be established  Virgil’s life: a life through an intense civil war o Caused Virgil to flea Rome o The epic is written for a nation
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