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The Bible 6; Gospel of Mark; Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
David Roberts

Gospel of Mark (Lecture two) Man who is a (G/g)od, (G/g)od who is a man  Not unique to Christianity. Ancient Pharos’s, Rhama, Augustus (Virgil), Roman emperors after death and some during their lifetime. Son’s of Gods o Gilgamesh, son of Ninsun o Aeneas, Son of Venus o Achilles, Son of Thetis o Tiberius, Son of Divine Augustus o Jesus is different though. Jesus as a demigod, man like god  The characters above are political leaders, warriors, polytheistic, top of the social hierarchy  Jesus ends up as a sacrifice, comes out of a monotheistic; especially in Mark; the son of THE God and not many gods, starts as the lowest of the social hierarchy Social Hierarchy  Starts at the bottom, redefinition of the term ‘King’, a much more humble character.  Created a connection with the enslaved nation. God’s connection is no longer with the connections of the world; God becomes more transcendent because of this change.  Connection with Jews; we’re going to have a different idea of a Messiah  Connection with non-Jewish: they understand the logic and implications of this Messiah, they know the terms of which a Messiah is but are accepting Extirpations being frustrated  People coming to Jesus with concepts that they attempt to apply but can’t o Feeling versus thought  Different directory in Mark o There had to be a struggle with the Pharaoh to prove God’s omnipotence o The story will end with death, humiliation.  Different narrative direction to which the story keeps pointing, i.e. the death of Jesus o Different direction of social norms  Rejection that true, legitimate order is derived through violence  The Odyssey is solved through Violence  The Disciples are not sure as to what story they are in  Where power is, violence is, replaces the use of violence with its opposites  Instead of Revenge, Jesus preaches forgiveness  Instead of Violence, Jesus preaches for Love; Love thy God and thy neighbor The Sign of Humiliation  The cross is the symbol of humiliation. The death of a God.  The idea is then followed with: The disciples are to direct themselves elsewhere  on their way to Jerusalem and a man asks Jesus: ‘what do I have to do to join your Kingdom ‘ -Jesus asks: have you followed the commandments and do you remember them? -The man said he knew and followed -Jesus says: Give up your worldly possessions, and you can
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