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Dante's Inferno on January 16

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William Robins

Jan 16 English lecture -book has vivid description -it’s based on premise that Dante actually went to hell -thought was vivid descriptions would stay in your brian -dante is succinct -beginnning of inferno 5 -meets mynos, classical figure -telling these souls where in hell they re gonna go -dante enters circle of lustful -“I can see, I can hear” notice the noting of his physical presence -puts reader in his position -“…with violence, they shriek...those who make reason subject to desire” -we get some similes as well -the scene is describes as his own experience -makes the scenery of hell unforgettable but also culpable for you as a reader -vividly describes mynos and the other ppl he sees there -3 headed dog is described in book 6 -…”his eyes are red...spread his hands…gullets” -so vivid and also the action of virgil throwing food in his gullet -u get a sense of their movement through the space of hell, they move left, they move right -u get a sense of the time passing -“we must not linger here…” -movement alive with the passing of time -the real world passing of time -chapter 7 = “now me must descent to greater anquish …linger here…” -that means it’s now midnight -inferno 11 is boring and nothing happens, he just explains the structure of hell -they pause and virgil explains how sinners in hell must adapt to the horrible smell of hell -“ the stench…” -they get hit by the stench -“…we must dely descending…” -between each circle of hell there s a threshold to be passed -there s a guard at each threshold -must be passed by movement, descending, crossing a ferry, etc… -must deal with the guards -it’s a physical challenge to cross it -this book is a poem of justice -virigil explains lower hell and stuff -“don’t you recall the words your Ethics uses…ppl know they re sinning” -u sin on ur willcause ur will is weak not cause u wanna harm ppl, the harmers go down below -some ppl cause harm out of anger, not malise -malice is the most punioshed of the 3 things mentioned -the more corrupted a sinner’s will is the more punished he will be -incotninence = weak will but it’s not that corrupted, malice= u wanna harm ppl, -encounter with the ferries in early in book and gains entrance into realm of incontinence -difference between weak and corrupted will -lst ur senses be habituated to the stench -1 sinner they see = someone from recent tilaian history = -canto 5 = shades of the lustful include dido -“here too is dido...her ashes…” -dante speaks to the ppl in hell close to his own historical context -“if the king of the universe…” -they blame god, the king of the universe -personal antagonism between man and god suggested -love poetry told -we have echoes of dante’s own early poetry
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