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Symposium Lecture 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Suzanne Akbari

Lecture # 6 Symposium Cont Concept of mediation creates an unsettled sense of the story because its being passed down from person to person; layers separating our knowledge; chain of knowledge; concept of mediation Topic of conversation if love, each person makes a speech of a formal quality that takes place in th an informal settingspeeches one through 6 are praises of love but the 7 is about Socrates himself Pausanias love makes you do crazy thingsfocus on the nature of the lover and the belovedfocus on a male on male relationship and the male is the higher form of beingmind, soul, character and virtuerelationship where two people are unequal in age and experiencetheres one who is loved and one who is the lovercommon love: same sex and its physical love pg 14 vs. celestial love: male on male; about the mind and based on the love of the ideal, the love of the beautiful, the potential for virtue, the lover will grow to love the other for their virtuous qualities, but the lover benefits because it involves moral growth, a relationship thats constant Eryximachus Love is a force of nature pg 20 its present in EVERTYHING that existsits universal conceptnatural and supernaturallove must be moderate, not brutal Aristophanes is a comic playwright pg 24-25; staggered beginning then comical beginning and then conversational beginningthis foreshadows Socrates stagg
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