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Genesis Lecture

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Suzanne Akbari

Lecture # 8- Oct 13 2010- Genesis Notion of the Natural World; its the pivotal point, provides the foundation centrality = Garden of Eden - The tree is the epicentre; the tree is a terrible(casts out mankind) and wonderful (creates mankind) thing The tree shows up in a range of creation stories why is it so symbolic? Is it singular or plural?= Its always both, it emerges from a singular place but branches and leaves grow from it = very powerful symbolic form; paradox of division in genders and a structural thinking of understanding how mankind grows Its an imaginative work; creates images through words The Greeks named Genesis meaning birth or origin its the beginning of EVERYTHING Genesis discusses new beginnings over and over also discusses the difficulty of beginnings the whole point is to define the beginning THEMES: Unity and Division and Multiplication chap 1-4 Chapter 1 = creation, in order to create you divide e.g God dividing light into night and darkdivide to make space and time to establish the day and year e.g verse 14 and 17verse 11 = create grass that has seed, creation that makes more of itself, multiplies; verse 22 and 28= be fruitful and multiply Chapter 2 = Garden of Eden Eden in the east land full
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