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Lecture 3

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Suzanne Akbari

English 150Lecture 3 September 22 2010Think about it through the two figures of Hektor and Achilleus AchilleusContinuedy Book 16 This is where Patroklos moved by the things he sees on the battlefield and feeling the wounded body on the battlefield Achilleus is moved to pity by seeing Patroklos cryingj Stop crying you girlLyrics featurej The poet addresses You Patroklos heroic vision of him a man at the object of loss Line 2829 enough of the mockingj Aggressive Patroklosj Send me out if your not gonna goj Line 40give me your armor Leads to the death of Patroklos j Achilles agrees gives condition Go protect the ships so we can run awayWhen you have driven them from the ships come backline 8789Patroklos goes off into battle Fights aggressively Line 500kills off Sarpedon He himself diesj Why Line 808wounded by a spear by Euphorbos Apollo has been secretly fighting on the field Line 820finished off by Hektor Dies at a bunch of different hands ApolloNestor councilEuphorbusHektorGREAT CAUSELine 644y Right after P has killed Sarpedony Everyone is swarming over the bodyy Zeus is manipulating things Line 648 y Zeus draws him to fight and lays the obstacles that will kill him End Prophecy Line 849
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