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Lecture 2

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Suzanne Akbari

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thEnglish 150September 15 2010 Iliady Written 2000 years agoy Layers of storytelling writing type y Its started off as an oral poem meant to be recited and heardy Text th 8 century BCE Homers Iliad was referenced to The text was very unstable multiple versions200 BCEj The text was finally stabilizedj What work was by whoj Divide the text up into the books meaning they are not original or from the author altered text The oldest copy we have is only about 1000 years old St Marks in Venice They are the product of generations of processingy Homer Who knows whether he existed or not Appears to be Asiatic Greek Iiving in the region where Troy was Inhabiting the world that Try inhabited Troy the city civilization was a metaphor memorial of a past life a lost worldy Why write it Calling it a chronical assumes that you know t
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