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Lecture 5

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Suzanne Akbari

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ENG 150Lecture 5 October 4 2010Symposiumy The notion of a ladderSocrates speechy 7 speechesy eryximachus proposes a formal conversationy 6 real speeches in praise of lovethy 7 speech is on the topic of Socrates himselfhow does the speech standy The nature of the love relationship How love manipulates your mind and actions Love relationships Pheadrus Aristophanesj Male is the highest beingj Mind soul character virtuej Same sex relationship j A relationship where the two people are unequalj There is one who loves and one who is lovesj The one who is loved is the objectj A flow of lovenot back and forth but rather one wayj Someone who can learn from his lover Page 12Achilleus and Patroklusj Achilleus didnt just try to die for j Active and passivej Achilleus was younger than Patroklusj He was the beloved not the loved but was he Page 13j The gods rewarding him for his sacrificej To love is to be like a godj Hahaha and complicatedj The reference to Achilleus will be seen in Socrates speechj And where is the divine lover Common love celest
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