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Introduction to oral stories

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University of Toronto St. George
William Robins

12/09/12 ENG150Y1 LECTURE NOTES CLASS 2 o Music: Julianna Barwick – The Magic Place o Discussed Barwick – quotation Oral story read in class: o Not climax-driven or plot-driven, as modern stories o No major conflict o No climax o Character is not antagonistic towards other characters o Likely unrelatable – direct way o *Redundancy – will also be present in Gilgamesh, Odyssey, etc. as rhetorical/literary device Characteristics of Oral Performance (Walter Ong, Orality and Literacy): o Face-face interaction w/audience o Sound of the voice o Role of memory o Extraordinary memory o Words not signs, but events o Power in words o Rhythm: Breath, Chant, Music o That is why written in verse – easier to remember o Repetition: Parallelism, **Redundancy, Episodic o Formulas: Phrases, Motifs, Type-scenes “Literacy is unique among technologies in penetrating and structuring the intellect itself.” - Michael Clancy(?) The Dreamtime: - kind of primordial past - humans transformed landscape through contact, creating world known today - may be accessed through dreams, hence ‘dreamtime’ - primordial past that penetrates present and past time as well - E.g. oral story – character is creating language within story through interaction with the environment (animals) Orient
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