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15/10/12 RAMAYANA – LECTURE 2 W. ROBINS CLASS 7_________________________________ India: Rama’s journey... Un-read chapter: Bharata comes to forest asking Rama to become king... Rama declines because of father’s boon and his promise. Whenever Rama, et al, meet new rishi in forest... - some sort of unique food provided  sense of spiritual and physical nourishment provided - *hosts normally know who he is (more than he does, i.e. he is Vishnu’s avatar) - ask him to stay the night - some rishis will die - story is told by one of characters (Sita* or Rama) Book 3: Aranya Kanda, first part [picture] Agastaya – Rama given amazing, divine weapons Sutheekshna – after visiting him, Rama et al are to visit every rishi they can (wandering)  Sutheekshna asks him to stay with them forever – Rama declines (“may kill a deer” – is a Kshatriya, not a rishi) pg. 164 – Sita: how can it be Dharma to act violently? He is wearing the hat of rishi and must honour it  Rama answers that his [kshatriya] dharma is not the same as the rishi dharma *thematic element: importance of human incarnation of the divine (will be similar to Bible) Dharma: - ultimate reality manifests itself as a natural order (“rta”) of harmony, justice, and truth that suffuses the world. - this true order of things, as well as the behaviours and attitudes that maintain it (duty, vocation, religious observances), ae known as “dharma”... - [picture] your acts which align with dharma contributes not just to your own, but to that of the world*--lack of dharma = “adharma” - concept of dharma is more ethical than destiny *later on, Vedas look down on Rama’s battles: “this is where dharma and ad
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