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William Robins

17/10/12 RAMAYANA – LECTURE 3 W. ROBINS CLASS 8 Middle of book 3  near end of 14 years exile - Gang is now longing for home - Conflict ensues as Sita is abducted by Ravana - Book 3 ends  banks of Pampas river - They bathe in river, Rama’s anger turns from anger to grief to longing, over Sita’s abduction - *After exile, Rama had to counsel Lakshmana in his anger  now tables are turned – pg. 223-4 - Parallel to Odysseus  Rama’s grief and longing for Sita // Odysseus’ longing for home - Odyssey – longing for home and Penelope are one (errand to return to Penelope is entwined with errand to return home) - Rama – longing for home is separate from longing for Sita (errand to find Sita precedes errand to return home) - Sita’s silk clothing//Rama’s kshatriya weapon o silk is what wives of kshatriyas wear - Gilgamesh and Enkidu  wandering journey with a brother-like figure, leaving women - Rama and Sita  wandering journey with wife, deepening their relationship together as hermits - Ravana’s desire for Sita not political  driven purely out of desire (though there is this comparative element –constantly comparing himself to Rama**) - Sita’s act of resistance to Ravana’s advances//rishi’s renunciation in the wilderness o herein lies the element of Sita that even Ravana cannot control (her desire) - (481-3) Rama’s battle and victory over Ravana • Romance of Lost Kingship • Romance of Separated Lovers • Epic of Dharma vs Adharma - The only way Vishnu could kill Ravana was becoming human** oand so incarnated on earth - Rama’s characteristics form a model kshatriya for society 17/10/12 RAMAYANA – LECTURE 3 W. ROBINS CLASS 8 Exemplary Stories Imposing Imperatives on oneself • Models of behaviour (exemplars) o in many ways, Ramayana driven by exemplary purpose o Rama template for perfect rule of Iota o Sita = model for wives and women • Positive models to follow • Negative models to avoid - reminder * Rama’s dharma to protect rishis against rakshanas to preserve the stability of the world “Axial Age” – way humans thought of themselves turned/changed • Ethics: apprehending oen’s life in light of abstract ideas • Universality: essential values of life are universalized, the truth of the world • Inte
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