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Exodus - Lecture 1

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William Robins

HEBREW BIBLE LECTURE 1 EXODUS Exodus vs. Aeneid: - plot-line b/w Exodus and Aeneid are very similar - Difference: monotheism/polytheism - Exodus is more religiously focused  Exodus is about monotheism - No other gods attributing an opposing force due to monotheism - Aeneid  perspective from household of power o implications: breach imperial part of Rome – those in power - Exodus  perspective from those who are out of power o Moses and Isreal: not a king, not powerful  birth parallels Mesopotamian king Sargon o Never becomes king—adopted into royalty, but never crowned o Pharoah holds all cards—all power o Even final perspective of Exodus is not of empire  similar to Aeneid in that story is about building a new future o Logic of Exodus rejects imperial idea: annexation, subjugation  idea of resistance, survival, rejection to oppression  guarding Israel against Imperial breach o Aeneid  struggle b/w deities, therefore troubles of Aeneid and other humans can be attributed to divine squabble o Exodus  this element isn’t directly existent  struggle with Pharoah represents resistance from another “deity” Tutelary Deity: God of Israel Universal Deity: God of Whole World Monolatry: worship of One God Song of the Sea – after crossing Red Sea  “Who is like you... among other gods?” Ten Commandments (Mosaic Law): - “I am the LORD your God, who brought you other slavery... You shall have no other gods before me”  implications of monolatry - One God often portrayed as Tutelary: o E.g. Moses’ commission – “If I come to Israel and I say to them...what shall I say to them?” “I AM WHO I AM” scene  “The Go
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