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Lecture 3

ENG202Y1 Lecture 3: LECTURE 3

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Erin Parker

LECTURE 3 10-5-2016 • Norman not only brought over people but he also brought new laws, new idea of kingship and new ideas of how aristocratic warriors ouught to behave (when he took over) • King arthur is seen as quintisential mythilogical figure o Derives from ---- and settled in england? o • Marie de france (lenoval) o People like her brought stories back o Core o we dont know who she is o We know she called herself Marie and came from France and wrote poems o we only know this bc that’s a line in one of her poems o we dont know even her family name o we think she must have been an aristocratic bc that’s the only way she would have had the oppertunity to read and write o She wrote 2 major pieces ▪ fables – she has her own quirky lessons in the end ▪ Lai(s) - a short romance o Romance is different now from them ▪ Women always had an important role in the stories ▪ The rlp between mena dn women were very prominent ▪ Behaviour between the m and w was very influential – courtly love ▪ Behaviour code for the male aristocrates, the knights, was the – code of chivalry • Loyalty, courage, you have to have a specific qualities : good taste,
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