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Lecture 6

ENG202Y1 Lecture 6: Marie de France and the Green Knight

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Erin Parker

LECTURE 6 • The ideals of knighthood are more common with marie de france rather than code of honour in beawoulf • Middle english period • Look at the quality of the manuscript – not very good, crude pictures, not big book, production of it is a puzzle. There are 4 poems in it and we assume they are by the same author • In the 14 century we get writers doing remarkable things • English starts to come back and over take the french in england • Langland • Drama and plays began to appear, before this in old english there was no drama • Why in this time? o There was a population boom o This means more cities o Richer o More educated o Lesier time now • Italy o They started reading greek again after many years o Also revived their culture o renissance • Its an origin storry from o Order of the garter regalia • At the beginning the opening stanza talks about troy o A strange cultural evenst that happened was that a new origin story sprang ▪ Jeffery of mamoth ▪ 12 century ▪ Wrote the book 'history of the kings of britan' ▪ Created whole new origin story that was completely wrong and nonsense ▪ But it bacame very popular bc the story was really cool ▪ He starts with war in troy, hero of troy (Aeneas) wanders around and finds Rome • One of his decendents called Brutus • He went north and found britan and that’s why its similar to his name • He conqours britan • His decendent is aurther • THIS ALL MEANS THAT ENGLISH WERE INDIRENCTLY DECENDENTS OF THE GODS AS ANEAS WAS PRODUCED BY THE GODS o There was a facination of trojan o There was also a purposal to remame england somethng trojan o So though this manuscript is different, its what everyone was writing about • First stanza o At the very end we get rhyming o Itts repeated at end of every stanza o That poetic feature is called BOB AND WHEEL o So this is almost unique to the poem, the auth
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