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Lecture 8

ENG202Y1 Lecture 8: Chaucer

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Erin Parker

LECTURE 8 10-26-2016 - Chaucer th o Born 1342 around, died suddenly in 14 century, don’t know how, middle class artism bg, by the time hes born his family raised from show makers to wine makers (high end stuff) o He went into customs, multilingual, worked directly for the crown and royals o We know a lot about him o Part of his role at the royal was as a poet o Cantervery tale – ▪ Wife=middle class also (in hiss tale) ▪ Poor perished priest ▪ A lot of middle class people ▪ These middle clas people are people whose voices were never heard before ▪ Noton – chausseur thought a lot about power and aricostocy, but nobility and true worth was diff then other ppl though • Justice and power were not virtually good, they could be evil • Ex in the beginning the guy uses his power to rape a girl • For him he also feels nobility is not inheriant o Nobility is not tied to class and can show up in and social class o There is possible to be an innoble knight for him • Nobility doesn’t come from your blood buut from God ▪ Relying on previous experience is reliable, even if you don’t know anything or any authority, your experience gives you knowledge and is reliable ▪ Chaucer invented a standard form of poetry that is still used today • Iambic pentameter • Definition: lambic= syllables that are stressed and unstressed • Pentameter = 5-count • Iambic pentameter = like this! Pa pam pa pam pa pam o 300 ▪ ExpErieNce, though nOon aucToriteE • Capital = stressed. The letter before each stressed is unstressed ▪ He didn’t envent too many stories though ▪ But he had a lot of influence of other writers in the present and future, shakspear looked up to him o They’ve decided, the people in the story going non their pilgramige, play a gaem, a story game. The one who wins, wins a free meal ▪ Games are very important ▪ The lady decided to talk about her self longer than any other person longer tha
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