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Lecture 9

ENG202Y1 Lecture 9: Chaucer

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Erin Parker

LECTURE 9: Chaucer We have to keep in mind the entire time that the author is a man, the voice behind this female character saying all this is still male We may read this as writing in a way that his audience will understand Cheusser will toss in details in the beginning of a tale that may or may ot be explained by the end o Ex. She was deaf in one ear o You find out in the end, when she takes the book from James (husband 5) he gets violent and hits her so hard it blows out her ear drum o The ending is troubling though o She fought back against james and won, she ruled o This is violence against violence o For laice its okay bc shes come out on top o As she gets to end of all this and says its time for my story The frier and his son laugh if your prologue was this long, I cant believe how long your story would be The other guy gets angry and doesnt like the frair from the start and starts arguing with each other Its the first time they inturupt one another and fight Her tale has a strangly idealistic ending Shapeshifting old women Begins with a crime, this knight raping a women
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