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Mike Johnstone

ENG202Y1 09/10/2012 British literature – Medieval to Romantic - What makes a “Major” Work of literature? In your opinion, what are the qualities and factors that make a specific work of literature a “major” or “canonical” work? Not every work needs to have all of these qualities, but used to be deciding upon.  Innovative use of language and structure  Universal morals, human condition  Set in a place, but can be transported and relevant to different times/ places  Raises questions  Citations, quotations  Related to historical events  Newness, originality, innovation  Influential themes  Universal, applicable themes  Reinterpretation, rereading  Communicate perspective of a time period  Impact upon society  Style, language, form  Defining, redefining genre  Flexible accessibility- mental and physical  Critical consensus, academic acceptance  Poses question  Use of formal conventions/ devices  Specificity (Personal, social, historical) How well do these qualities apply? Works that resist? - Introduction to the Course BUY THE BUNDLES AND TEXTS Assignments: Submitted in tutorials (In-Class Paragraph and Essays) Tutorial participation (15%): TAs will explain to you how they are determining the grade Quizzes: Two (one at the end of each term) 10% Reading and lecture content. READ COURSE POLICY ESPECIALLY NUMBER 7 AND 8 - The Evolution of Form o The relationships between form and content Form supports and expresses meaning Writers make “formal choices” (I.e., genre, rhyme, meter/ rhythm, first- or third-person narration, sound patterns, syntax, dialogue, diction, etc.) that affect meaning. Recognizing formal elements aids and influences the interpretation of meaning: Subject matter and philosophical/ intellectual concerns; Significance of innovations/ deviations in form and idea; Links between form/ idea and socio-cultural and historical context Changing subtle and important ways. Awareness- comprehend links between work and context *Being able to define strict formal terms *Explore importance of socio-political can affect different literatures/ content of the literature. *Develop close reading and analysis skills o The Sonnet: Types and Conventions Italian/ Petrarchan - 14 lines - Iambic pentameter - Octave (1-8) and sestet (9-14) - Sets up the subject, resolves the subject (argument, problem) - Volta (turn) at start of line 9 - Rhyme scheme Octave= ABBA ABBA Sestet= CDECDE (or variation thereof) English/ Shakespearean - 14 lines - Iambic Pentameter - 3 quatrains (1-12) and couplet (13-14) - Couplet: Subvert, reinforce, conclusion, carrying, undermining, witty of subject - Rhyme scheme 3 Quatrains = ABAB CDCD EFEF Couplet= GG “Rhyme orders thought. Rhyme is, above all, a structuring agent. The so- called rhyme scheme is often treated as a kind of blueprint for producing, say, to a particular category of stanza or sonnet- and to some degree that is what it is. But rhyme is more important as a dynamic force operating within the form, within the reading experience…. This dramatic structuring principle is the most important function of rhyme.” Stephen J. Adams, Poetic Designs: An Introduction to Meters, Verse Forms, and Figures of Speech (Broadview, 1997), 30-31. Anticipation, and fulfillment. Syntax- the arrangement of words (in their appropriate forms) by which their connection and relation in a sentence are shown, the rules operating in formal systems. (Grammar) o The Sonnet from Wyatt to Shelley: Origins and Innovations Sir Thomas Wyatt, Sonnets 31 (CEA 533-34) - Henry Howard, Translating and adapting Italian sonnets - Focus on subject matter- love, romance, courtship- Renaissance Period 1500s - P
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