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Page 1 ENG202 Lecture 1 September 17 2013 - Governing theme of the course: idea of journey and travel because it can be thought of in a lot of different narratives. - This course is meant to introduce a lot of authors, predominantly male authors, but also authors that are less important. - Office location JHB630 - Office hour: Tues 4:15 – 5:45 - Our course doesn’t have a tutorial, so if you’re enrolled in one, you can withdraw. - Class attendance will be taken. - There will be a mid-year test during the class time, which is 10% of your final grade. - Discussion: Prof will give a sign up sheet for 1 question where you focus on interesting and challenging element of a certain text. - Half of the class spent on students introducing themselves and going over the syllabus Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (late 1300’s) - Deals with death that is meant to have a broader meaning - Usually the speakers are male. He discusses not only his own personal misery but also the world around him. - Line 58: We have a switch at this point from individual to collective. This meditation about how the joys he had become accustomed to are fleeing for everyone. - Did this poem make you recall any modern poems? o The idea that they are now representative owes a lot to the scholarship of those particular people. In many ways, it reflected the sensibilities the idea of introspective wonder of travellers and speakers that inhibit the vulnerable position and comments on the world. o Also it reflects natural landscape. Something about the romantics appealed to them, so they talked about inspiring feeling one gets from these kinds of experiences from looking at natural landscapes. o Prof thinks that there is some similarities that makes this poem less old. “Wrd” - “Wrd” can be unfamiliar in the language itself. This idea comes up in the text, and has different significance and tension that brings the force that the speaker is addressing as the fate – momentary references to Christian god. - “Wrd” is related to the word “wrban” which means “to occur” Page 2 - The theme of travelling; all 3 poems are interested in the idea of wandering. This is such a common occurrence here. - There is an ambiguity that critics look to and point out as a prominent feature of this poem. We don’t really know why the Lord left, why the family think it is important to keep the lives separate, we are not clear on he degree to which the wife blames her husband. - The women are travelling for the reasons of the affairs of the men. They a
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